Shapes Collection french art deco inc. Policy

Shapes Collection, manufacturer of French art deco reproductions, established expertise by reproducing the most important French designers from the 1920's to the 1950's. Amongst the numerous designers represented in our collection are Ruhlmann, Frank, Arbus, Old, Adnet, Leleu, Dufrene, Joubert et Petit, Follot, Chareau, Printz, Dufet, Royere, Brandt, Kiss, and Pascaud. This significant contribution allows both the American designers and public to discover and enjoy the special quality of the designs created in Europe during the highly prolific art deco era.

It is the absolute privilege of Shapes Collection to promote and reproduce its products, custom designs, and reproductions, by any means possible (photographic, digital, film transparency, hand drawing, etc.). Shapes Collection will manufacture and develop these pieces under its control and hold updated copyrights of the images shown on its website, in its catalogue, or its CD-ROM. No party shall make any claim of copyright ownership while contracting or having contracted the creation of, or the reproduction of any furniture piece under the Shapes Collection Label. Any representation of Shapes Collection's reproductions will remain the property of Shapes Collection French Art Deco, Inc. and will not be subject to interpretation, removal from Shapes Collection files, or any form of pressure to discourage exposure.

Any customer objecting to the virtual representation of products manufactured under the Shapes Collection Label, will state so before ordering. Said customer will support the cost of a prototype, in addition to the cost of developing a unique piece, not introduced into the Shapes Collection Reproduction Line. This mandatory stipulation prevents the replica process which is the prime orientation of Shapes Collection.

The use of materials belonging to Shapes Collection (veneer, shagreen, leather, parchment, marble, metals, woods, etc.) shall constitute the right to display the final product as a limited edition as said materials, supplied by Shapes Collection, are not always available.

Shapes Collection is not liable for any discontent occurring after an order has been approved, executed and delivered. Shapes Collection reserves the right to expose any client's product realization. Shapes Collection will enforce the principles on which its line has evolved.

1. Orders require a fifty (50%) percent deposit

2. Balance due at completion of project

3. Rush Orders require a seventy-five (75%) percent deposit

4. Delivery Charges are the client's responsibility, unless otherwise specified

5. Designers with valid resale numbers and out of state sales, are not subject to local tax.

Undelivered, completed orders are subject to a storage fee worth five (5%) of their total value. Said storage fee will commence two (2) weeks after the requested pick-up. Shapes Collection is not responsible for damage or stolen properties, when storing sold merchandise beyond a period of one (1) month in a storage facility not located on the Shapes Collection premises.

Any contracting party must agree to all Shapes Collection terms and conditions. By contracting work, the party assumes full awareness and understanding of the Shapes Collection Policy.